The following list was created by joining the beginning and end of two random game names in the BGG database (from January 2013). Most are board games, but some video games are included as well.

The PHP code is based on the Interactive Fiction Game Name Generator.

Space Vegas       Space Flick + Las Vegas
Double Standard DWI Titanic       Double Standard DWI the Game + Starship Titanic
Five for Catan       Five Star Final + The Rivals for Catan
Alien to Gettysburg       Alien Menace + Bull Run to Gettysburg
Dick Tracy World Game       Dick Tracy Playing Card Game + Jetsons Out of This World Game
Epic Spell of Zork       Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre + Legends of Zork
Second Agent       Second Down + James Pond: Underwater Agent
Destroy All Humans! Big Willy The Double       Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed + On The Double
AGL: Murder: An Affair to Dismember       AGL: Monster Arena + How to Host a Murder: An Affair to Dismember
Ords, The Odyssey in The Space Race Game       Ords, The Odyssey in the 21st Century + Constellation: The Space Race Game
Game Party Scooby-doo!       Game Party Champions + Group Photo - Scooby-doo!
Dark Yatzy       Dark Village + Farben Yatzy
Power and Fire       Power and Resolution + Hoops on Fire
Wish You Tycoon       Wish You Were Here...? + Pizza Tycoon
Ricochet Boer War       Ricochet Infinity + The Boer War
Super Town: News Reporting and Printing Game       Super Brickbreak + Big Town: News Reporting and Printing Game
Sheng 1939       Sheng Guan Tu + Kock 1939
Tiddle Kingdom       Tiddle Tennis + Mapominoes: United Kingdom
Luchthavenspel poker       Luchthavenspel Schiphol + Diamino poker
Alien Beware       Alien Space + Bluffers Beware
Incursion: Halls of the Monkey       Incursion: Halls of the Goblin King + Spank the Monkey
Victory in His Crown       Victory in the Pacific + Jewels For His Crown
Robo Football: One on One       Robo Leap + Space Football: One on One
Take With Glory       Take Arms + Covered With Glory
Go Mesa       Go Mofasta + Black Mesa
Jungle It       Jungle Ascent + I Dood It
Sigismundus Seashore       Sigismundus Augustus. Dei gratia rex Poloniae + Sounds of the Seashore
Wild Fun Cogs       Wild Fun West + Chasing Cogs
Star the Handsome Executive       Star Borders: Humanity + Harry the Handsome Executive