The following list was created by joining the beginning and end of two random game names in the BGG database (from January 2013). Most are board games, but some video games are included as well.

The PHP code is based on the Interactive Fiction Game Name Generator.

Brain Lauseschreck       Brain Shift + Coccinella Lauseschreck
6 Days USA       6 Days a Sacrifice + MotoRace USA
ATS Peleliu Ascent       ATS Peleliu - White Beach One + Jungle Ascent
Warp Dreams       Warp and Weft + NiGHTS into Dreams
EZ Magpies       EZ GRYB + Mighty Magpies
Ardeny the Meadow, Ready, Steady, Go!       Ardeny 1944 + To the Meadow, Ready, Steady, Go!
Titans of Ways       Titans of Industry + Count Coup - An Anthropological Board Game of North American Indian Ways
Mad of Wonders       Mad Monks + War of Wonders
Search for Pig       Search for El Dorado + Interstellar Pig
Instant Math Games Raider       Instant Math Games that Teach + Cube Raider
Power Bodies       Power Broker + Busy Bodies
Bop the E-Game       Bop Hockey + Ca$hflow the E-Game
Anima: The High School       Anima: The Twilight of the Gods + Panic High School
Screaming Shot       Screaming Eagles + Shuffle Shot
Baltic Appreciation Game       Baltic 1985 + The Appreciation Game
Tannenberg, 17 Aug. to 14 Sep. Rescue Rangers Game       Tannenberg, 17 Aug. to 14 Sep. 1914: "Railmobile" + Chip'n Dale: Rescue Rangers Game
Grand Fleet: Tactical Naval Combat in the Dreadnought Era, Chaotix       Grand Fleet: Tactical Naval Combat in the Dreadnought Era, 1906-1919 + Knuckles Chaotix
Tuntematon for Windows       Tuntematon Sotilas + APBA Baseball for Windows
Fritz Casino       Fritz Froschprinz + Grand Casino
C. C. Block       C. C. Higgins Rail Pass + Block a Block
Destination Game       Destination Ireland! + The Transformers Game
4 Burn!       4 Alarm + Burn Zombie Burn!
Blow Games - Wild Animals       Blow Your Cool + I.Q. Games - Wild Animals
Fur Titanic Mystery       Fur Out + 1912: Titanic Mystery
Donkey Railway       Donkey Kong Junior + String Railway
Jack And Ancient       Jack And The Beanstalk + Micro Ancient
All-Pro Your Kids Before They Grow Up       All-Pro Basketball + 500 Places to Take Your Kids Before They Grow Up
The Yeti Cannae       The Yeti Slalom + Battle of Cannae
Tug of Return of the King       Tug of Words + Castle Clout - Return of the King