The following list was created by joining the beginning and end of two random game names in the BGG database (from January 2013). Most are board games, but some video games are included as well.

The PHP code is based on the Interactive Fiction Game Name Generator.

Battles of Prince of Heroes       Battles of Prince of Persia + Gridiron Heroes
"Canberra visitor" a game Blocks       "Canberra visitor" a game about our National Capital + Ice Blocks
Risky of Pauline       Risky Business + Perils of Pauline
The Second Korean Dance       The Second Korean War - 2009 + Just Dance
The Old Dog       The Old Pacific + Adventures with Clifford, the Big Red Dog
Don't Break Tournament       Don't Break the Ice + Fishing Tournament
Game of Beauty and the Rally Championship       Game of Beauty and the Beast + Sega Rally Championship
Kung Gamey       Kung Fu Chaos + Spacey Gamey
My Pirates       My Very First Aleph-Bet Game + Swordplay: Pirates
Sophie's quiz extreme       Sophie's World + Norge quiz extreme
Batman & Robin: The Board Rules       Batman & Robin: The Board Game + Short Rules
Mickey tovert met of God       Mickey tovert met vormen + Warriors of God
Buzz Grey       Buzz Off! + Swashbucklers: Blue vs. Grey
Blue Sky On Pre-Dreadnought Era 1870-1905       Blue Sky On Board + The Pre-Dreadnought Era 1870-1905
Squire Geographical Pastime       Squire Fight + Walker's Geographical Pastime
Cold Zero: No of Kings       Cold Zero: No Mercy + The Game of Kings
Bullet National Security Patrol       Bullet Time HD + Border Defense: National Security Patrol
Pirates Vs of Orleans       Pirates Vs Ninjas + Maid of Orleans
Stop de Twice       Stop de Stropers + Think Twice
Lizzie McGuire - What Kings       Lizzie McGuire - What Would Lizzie Do + The Legacy of Kings
Flat Open       Flat Acting + Wide Open
Dino Fever       Dino Wars + Buck Fever
Shadow Comb       Shadow Complex + Honey Comb
Battle of Maze       Battle of Nihon-kai 1905 + Beach Maze
Secret (1981)       Secret Agent Clank + Eliminator (1981)
Trail útja       Trail Magic: + Hadak útja
Millionaire Quak!       Millionaire City + So'n Quak!
Colonial Pi 7       Colonial Battlefleet + Delta Pi 7
Bouncy Aggravation       Bouncy Bug + Split-Level Aggravation