The following list was created by joining the beginning and end of two random game names in the BGG database (from January 2013). Most are board games, but some video games are included as well.

The PHP code is based on the Interactive Fiction Game Name Generator.

Hip-Hip Game       Hip-Hip Hooray + 24: The Game
BIS: Il nuovo gioco Forgotten Knights       BIS: Il nuovo gioco a premi ideato da Mike Bongiorno + Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights
Halifax On Darr       Halifax On Board + The Quest for Maggie Darr
Altered Imperium       Altered Destiny + Dei Imperium
Shogo: Mobile Potatoes Game       Shogo: Mobile Armor Division + Play-Doh Smashed Potatoes Game
Snail Dark Spire       Snail Game + The Dark Spire
Ant Cards       Ant Army + Wild Cards
West Bank Gamer's Guardians       West Bank Gamer's Game + Star of the Guardians
54 Jones: Keeping up with the Colossus       54 Jones: Keeping up with the Joneses + Shadow of the Colossus
Across Four The Home Version       Across Four Oceans + Patriot Act: The Home Version
Deathsville War       Deathsville Assassin The Board Game + A.I. War
Go Diego Dive       Go Diego Go! 123 Game + Scuba Dive
Liar's It & Win Card Game       Liar's Cry + Bob the Builder: Build It & Win Card Game
Marathon Attax       Marathon Beginner's + Topps Attax
Pitch Dawn of Freedom       Pitch Six + 1989: Dawn of Freedom
Ninja Hund       Ninja Spirit + Robin Hund
ATS Dice       ATS TT: Omaha West + Giant Dice
1880: Battle       1880: China + Underworld Battle
Train Nation       Train Chess + Fate of a Nation
Cat's Eye: The Last Great Space Race       Cat's Eye: The Last Big Game + The Great Space Race
South Pacific Strike!       South Pacific Task Force + Air Strike!
Army of Patrol       Army of Ireland + A.S.P. Air Strike Patrol
World Derby       World Cup Tournament Football + First Down Derby
Cricket of the Sea Lane       Cricket Wizard + Defence of the Sea Lane
Star Island       Star Ocean: First Departure + Espionage Island
Clue Master no Shiro       Clue Master Detective + Shikigami no Shiro
Destination 2005       Destination Moon + Alpine Skiing 2005
Bathtub of the Sword       Bathtub Love + Lord of the Sword
Little Burner Freestyle BMX Card Game       Little Busters-EX: DOTABATA Ranking Battle + Raleigh Burner Freestyle BMX Card Game